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Each floor of the shopping center «Mandarin Plaza» brings you closer to the ultimate pleasure. Exclusive luxury accessories, clothing, shoes, Luxury jewelry will emphasize the high status of its owner, his impeccable taste and refined style. Everyone seeks this, but it is available only to the chosen.

While successful men are choosing ARMANI suits and new watches inlaid with black diamonds on the 2nd floor, secular lionesses are trying on dresses from the exclusive collection of new fabulous Luxury segment. Young princes and princesses will love the forth floor. After all, only here they can find trendy designer clothing, footwear and accessories in limited release.

In Mandarin Plaza everyone will find something special. Jewelry by TIFFANY & Co, furniture for the home or a cruise - it is important that each purchase will be special, from the limited edition of Luxury, and it will bring an enormous pleasure.