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Mandarin Plaza: the first and the largest shopping and entertainment center of Ukraine TOP world fashion brands.

Mailing address:
6 Basseyna ya St.
Kiev, Ukraine, 01004
PO Box 6

Phone: (044) 230-9590
Fax: (044) 230-9591
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Total space: 21,211 sq. m. m

Market rental space: 9400 sq. m. m

Office rental space: 4430 m. m

Feature: the largest number of boutiques of internationally recognized brands assembled in one shopping center (clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, household goods).

Visitors: men and women with upper-middle income, families with children.

Parking: underground parking for 500 cars.

Subway: just 7 minutes walking from «Lva Tolstogo», «Palac Sporta», and «Krecshatik» subway stations.

Location: Bessarabian quarter of Pechersk district of Kiev (former Starokievsky district). The quarter is connected to the central streets of the capital: Krecshatik Street, Krasnoarmejskaya Street, and Shevchenko Boulevard.

Historical value: SEC building is located in the southeastern part of the Bessarabian quarter, at the intersection of Basseynaya Street and Novyj Proezd. 7-storey complex dominates among the rest of the buildings, which do not exceed the height of 5 floors. At the same time, its facade is designed in harmony with the historical views of the whole quarter made in Baroque style. The corner of the building, which is directed inwardly of the quarter, is decorated with the pointed tower.

Future plans involve the reconstruction of the quarter, which includes the creation of a community center within the Bessarabian quarter of buildings united under a single architectural concept in the Baroque style. After the reconstruction of the quarter, it should become one of the favorite shopping places and leisure facilities for residents and guests of the city, with the shopping and entertainment center "Mandarin Plaza" becoming the pearl of the Bessarabian quarter.

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